Short Stay Vouchers (available to all customers) -- click here for voucher list

Sunseeker Holidays provides our customers with over 400 short stay voucher locations within Australia and New Zealand. Our short stay vouchers vary from 2 nights up to 5 night stays & allows you to choose the dates you wish within the 12 – 18 month period depending on each resorts validity date.

We take great pride in choosing every property on offer and we demand that every package deal is at a price that will excite you. Whether it be a romantic weekend away or just a short stay with friends and family, what a great way to kick back, relax and just enjoy yourself!

How our short stay vouchers work:

Simply call our dedicated customer service team on 1300 733 377 and discuss one of our many short stay deals on offer, then pay a $79 deposit and we will forward you a booking certificate. When you have decided on the dates and accommodation type you want, simply call the reservation phone number from your booking certificate and book your stay!


Flexibility in stays?

On top of the set voucher deals, we provide our members with our wholesale booking service, where you can stay one night or as many nights as you like, peak time, sporting events, if the property has an available room, we can book it at a discounted rate for you. This service covers over 4000 options in Australia, New Zealand and the world, across the most popular brands in the market.